MZA Events is capable of overseeing every aspect of your fundraising event or campaign. We can produce your entire event. We can produce specific pieces of your event. We can even take on responsibilities after preparations have already been set into motion. In addition, we offer short-term consulting services, providing expert guidance on fundraising and/or event logistics. Our goals is to ensure that your project reaches or exceeds its goals for success.

From concept through to day-of-event, we can:

  • Design, write, and produce direct mail pieces
  • Recruit and train volunteers for your campaign
  • Negotiate media sponsorship agreements to provide maximum promotional value for your event
  • Work alone or with your development department and/or board of directors to recruit top corporate support
  • Use our vast database and network of contacts to recruit celebrities, elected officials, and other prominent figures for your event
  • Work with local government agencies to secure all pertinent permits well in advance of the day of your event
  • Work with all levels of state and local governments to secure necessary street closings and venue sites and to ensure participant safety along the route

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