Corporate Sponsorship
With new fundraising events appearing every year,
and corporate dollars getting more difficult to attract, sponsorship is more critical than ever and can greatly enhance your event’s success.

MZA Events has a rich, 23-year history of negotiating sponsorship agreements with top corporations such as American Express, Coca Cola® Company, Delta Air Lines, Gap Inc., NBC, AOL/Time Warner, and Toyota Motor Sales.

We will use our experience to create corporate support for your event.

Fundraising Teams
Inspiring corporate and community groups to form fundraising teams is essential to ensure the success of a campaign. Teams can be comprised of employees, members, friends, and/or families of a particular company or organization.

MZA will work you develop strategy to achieve broad base of corporate and community support your event. We will supply you with sample printed materials, examples of realistic timelines, and tips on recruiting the “best” teams, as well as information on how to organize and conduct team fundraising workshops.

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