Event Production

Have you noticed that when you or others produced events in the past, there was always a bit of last-minute scrambling? MZA Events leaves nothing to chance. We systematically address every facet of your event with seasoned expertise and see each component of the event through to successful completion.

Specifically, we will:

  • Work with local government agencies to secure the necessary permits for your event
  • Secure visible and prominent banner advertisement placement on city streets and in transportation hubs
  • Transport event materials to and from the event. These include–but are not limited to–tables, chairs, sign-in materials, donated products, and banners/signs
  • Coordinate crowd control with the local police/sheriff’s department
  • Arrange day-of-event parking
  • Secure and organize route checkpoints to provide first-aid stations, restroom facilities, and refreshments for participants
  • Develop venue maps for participants, volunteers, and staff

Information Services
Your event was a smashing success. Now you’re left with a valuable base of supporters that needs to be compiled, consolidated, and organized. You cannot afford to lose this critical information after all the work you’ve done to educate and motivate people to volunteer for your event.

MZA Events tracks information for nearly 200,000 event participants every year. We have the ability to implement and oversee database operations that organize and track vital participant information–including contact numbers, e-mail information, and funds pledged and collected.

Stage Support
Opening and closing ceremonies for major events. Outdoor concerts. Dance events. Presidential Inaugural parties. MZA has successfully produced them all.

Onstage events offer an excellent opportunity to present your organization to the general public. It’s what people remember most. And it can make a lasting impression on how you and your entire campaign are perceived.

Each event has specific needs and goals. And once the curtain goes up, there are no second chances. Event staging requires anticipating potential problems and devising viable solutions in advance and on the fly.

In support of your onstage event, MZA can:

  • Coordinate celebrity participation
  • Negotiate with unions and vendors to secure the best prices and most effective workers for stage set-up and breakdown
  • Coordinate contracts and installation for lighting, sound, and security
  • Produce a script, running order, seating chart, and sound check schedule

We will oversee every detail necessary to make your event run smoothly and professionally with maximum audience impact.

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