Campaign Management

Celebrity Recruitment
MZA Events has extraordinary credibility with celebrities and their management. Our long track record of success, coupled with our renowned attention to detail, gives celebrities the comfort of knowing their image can only be enhanced by their involvement in MZA-produced events.

Robin Williams, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nathan Lane, Madonna, and Sandra Bullock are just a few of the major celebrities who have joined with MZA to graciously support the events we produce. By both appearing at events and recording television and radio public-service announcements, our celebrity supporters make our events all the more appealing to the public.

MZA has skillfully gained celebrity participation because, early on, we established an integrity and professionalism that matched our passion for our mission.

We work with talent management to secure participation on the day of the event, and, when possible, to add pre-event publicity. We can also act as a liaison between you and specific celebrities to produce effective public-service announcements. In addition, we handle all celebrity-related logistics, from travel and hotel reservations to specific green-room requests and accommodations.


Volunteer Management
Volunteer involvement is essential to producing a cost-efficient fundraising event. Over the past 30+ years, MZA Events has developed a successful approach to recruiting, training, and retaining event volunteers. We can help you secure volunteer support in a variety of ways:

MZA can:

  • Oversee volunteer operations as part of a full-service event-production contract
  • Train your staff in volunteer management techniques, and
  • Recruit and train volunteers for your in-house event


We want to make your events the best they can be by sharing our knowledge and expertise with you. That’s why MZA Events offers a variety of workshops in fundraising and event production.

MZA Events offers one-day and weekend workshops to teach nonprofit professionals effective ways to increase the fundraising potential for their events. These seminars typically cover a variety of topics–corporate team building, producing effective printed materials, and sponsor outreach.

We also offer seminars to assist you in self-producing your event. We can teach you the keys to securing a venue that fits your needs, enlisting appropriate political support, maximizing volunteer recruitment, finding an effective and efficient method of point-of-purchase stand distribution, and day-of-event logistics. We can even tailor a workshop or seminar specifically for your organization and event.

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